beautiful things: visual design and styling by dietlind wolf

This is my new favorite blog. The lighting, composition and eye for colour are stunning enough – but there’s a real creativity and playfulness to the author’s styling that sets it apart from the wealth of attractive but unfortunately similar style and design blogs out there.

The shoot with the lemons? Bright, and fresh in the best sense of the word, and richly gorgeous.

And though I haven’t explored archival depths yet, my favorite photograph thus far is this one. The textures (wood, feathers, flowers, peeling paint) and the colours (I can’t even imagine wearing teal and sugared almond pink, but it’s divine every time) and the composition. I love paired photographs. Photography – particularly now it’s digital, making it essentially an unlimited resource (an erasable memory card as opposed to finite film) – so rarely produces solitary works of art. Because there are no material consequences we can take thousands of shots in the one sitting (the benefits and pitfalls of this are an entirely different discussion), and with a good photographer, creative styling, etc. …well, often we discover, looking the work over afterwards, that some images are stronger in concert than alone.

That kind of display is, I think, one of the things the blog format does exceptionally – uniquely – well. It’s not like seeing a pair of images on a gallery wall. Nestled between blocks of text and the slim margins of a computer screen we focus on pictures differently. Photographs are smaller, more intimate, more snugly fitted together. I love it when artists make use of blogs – and the internet – as an independent medium, and not just a substitute for scarcer physical display spaces.



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