this is not the most cheerful post (and it has a trigger warning)

in fact this article has many trigger-warnings.  it involves rape, rapists, rape-methodology, and rape-supportive culture.  however.  it involves these things because it is a discussion of some new – pretty revolutionary – research being done on the topic of undetected, unincarcerated rapists.  if you can handle the triggers, it’s well worth reading.  not least because it doesn’t leave you with the same sick inevitable feeling one tends to get reading pretty much everything people write about rape.  in fact…this article actually finishes with some pretty awesome points on how undetected rape could be combatted in a very every-day manner (and again, this is sort of revolutionary; if only because this is rape we’re talking about, and we’re doing so in a culture which supports it, so communicating Things That Can Be Done To Change This is a pretty big deal).

so again.  if you can…you should read this.  it’s interesting.  and more than that, it’s not only relevant, it’s positive and maybe even helpful:

predator theory.

wonder of wonders.

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